Author:Richard Finegold (aka Richard Goldfinder)
Supported:December 1990 - July 1992
Language:Microsoft C
Derived from:Dragon's Citadel 3.11
Ancestor of:Atlas (?)
See also:Citadel+
Gremlin's Citadel


    Lincoln's Birthday '94 02:37:04 pst From Richard Goldfinder
 From 90Dec13 (perhaps 90Dec12; it was a long day) to 92Jul25 I worked on ACit, making around 688 changes to the code that Matt gave me (he made DragCit 3.11 compilable by Microsoft C). First thing was to make it disable call-waiting when answering a call, which eventually evolved to the #DIAL_RING command. There were a bunch of other things that I wanted to do, and I did many (perhaps most) of them. There were some contributions, but I did maintained most of it, until later.
 DragCit 3.12 was released, and Matt got interested. He again made DragCit compilable by Microsoft C, and started fixing bugs and adding features. There was a lot of development sharing between GremCit and ACit among the current "GremCit Team". I was fairly conservative with my changes, Brent was fairly radical, and Matt took the middle road (still true today).
 My job took a lot of my spare hours away, and the time I devoted to ACit development dwindled. Matt spent plenty of hours on GremCit development. GremCit was getting developed faster than ACit, and some BBSes were switching. I finally gave up competing, and wrote a conversion program, telling the sysops still using ACit that they should switch to GremCit for the best support.

File Size Date
ACit v3.11.00a/405 Source code 235,520 September, 1991

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