Author:Gary Meadows
Supported:1986 through at least 1996
Language:Borland C++
Derived from:Citadel-86

Remarks dated 90Jul05:

   Sheesh!  Keeping this history current seems to be the last thing on most
of our minds these days.  Many things have changed since Hue, Jr. made the
last entry above.  Auto-Networking was not his last feature to be added.
Asgard system originally came into existence when we received the 2.1 source
code for the cp/m version  in July of 1985.  At the time, I was still new to 
the BBS scene (less than 8 months), and a friend wanted to put up a Citadel. 
I just happened to have the compiler and the source code, and so began a long
trail of changes (and me just learning the C language to boot!).  Before I
was able to finish compiling the 2.1 version, I was given the source to 2.40.
This became the foundation for Sacramento's entry into the development of
Citadel changes.
   In the first few weeks, the major concern was fixing fatal bugs in the 
code we had received, and adding in additional support for multiple baud 
rates. Once these were set into place, we (local sysops) began adding 
additional features we desired such as a global replace option, Xmodem-CRC 
support, screen control codes (ANSI codes).  We quickly found that RAM was 
limited, so we debugged the BDS overlay code and began adding overlayed 
features.  At the time our local changes were distributed as Sac-Cit 80.  
Due to a personality conflict with the group of Sysops responsible for Sac-Cit 
80, I and a few other sysops broke away from the Sac-Cit group and formed 
Asgard-80.  Late in 1986, I received the source code for Citadel-86.  My 
first task (believe it or not) was to add in features from our Asgard-80 
code into Citadel-86.  It was at this time that Asgard-86 first came into 
   In addition to new features that were desired, we also streamlined some 
code that was left over from the Citadel port to Citadel-86 (some of these 
were later done by Hue, Jr. as well with Citadel-86 as he found them).  Any
streamlining that we did in the 80 version and found in the 86 version was
done at this time.  We continued adding features that were desired here in
Sacramento, as well as keeping current with new feature releases from Hue, Jr.
We also offered fixes and features back to Hue, Jr. to show our gratitude for
his continued support of Citadel-86 and his willingness to share those same
changes with us, a "competing" software package.
   So in essence, Asgard-86 software is a direct descendent from Citadel-86 
that attempts to keep within 3 months current of any Citadel-86 release, and 
attempts to offer back changes and features (door code is a good example) in 
exchange, as well as new features that the programmer and Sysops of Asgard 
systems desire. I also try and never let people forget that without Hue, Jr. 
and Citadel-86, Asgard-86 software would not be nearly as far along as it is.
   Thanks Hue, Jr. for your many contributions and your understanding.
                                               Gary Meadows
                                               Asgard developer

File Size Date
Asgard-86 v1.49q 1,214,881 April, 1994

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