Author:Vince Quaresima
Platform:Commodore 128
Language:BASIC 7.0
Derived from:Citadel-64
See also:Citadel:K2NE

From CitaNews:

Vince Quaresima @ Jersey Devil Citadel provided the following description of the software:

The Citadel-128 BBS software is available for purchase for either floppy- disk- or hard disk-based Commodore 128 systems. The software is totally configurable by the system operator, at any time, and is virtually 100% self-contained. It includes a complete set of system utilities which may be called up from the system console, which eliminates the need to "take down" the BBS, or loading another program to perform system maintenance.


Citadel-128 is an EMULATION of a mixture of CP/M CITADEL, CITADEL-86 and IDEATREE (sorry, but they DO have much better ".A" commands, and most of them have been incorporated here). The system is coded using BASIC 7.0 with several machine-code overlays to handle modem I/O and fileserving, in addition to a totally machine-code "online terminal" (we do not use CHATmode as the least, not yet).

The price for either version is $49.95, and owners of the floppy version may upgrade to the hard-disk version at NO COST provided they supply the disks. Upgrades are provided free, and are normally available for XMODEM downloading (the ML overlays are not available online, which helps us eliminate 'pirate' systems, since the code is useless without them). The package is provided with NO copy-protection and we encourage backups.

We accept personal checks as well as bank or postal money-orders. In the case of foreign orders, payment must be in U.S. funds. Please specify which version (floppy or hard-disk) when ordering.

Write to:

K2NE Software
PO Box ***
Chatsworth NJ 08019

Or for more information, call The Jersey Devil BBS: 609-***-****

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