Author:Vince Quaresima
Platform:Commodore 64
Language:Blitz! BASIC
Derived from:None
Ancestor of:Citadel-128
See also:Citadel:K2NE

From CitaNews:

Citadel-64, a commercial BBS system for the Commodore 64 that is based on Citadel but implemented in BASIC and machine language, has been released as a shareware product. Previously it was available only by prepayment.

Since the announcement (below) from K2NE Software, CitaNews has received a number of reports from prospective sysops who have been unable to get the program to run. Vince Quaresima of Jersey Devil Citadel advises that the problem is with the ARC packing method, and that all ARC'd versions should be destroyed. An alternate package packed by the LYNX program should work, or a ready-to-run disk can be obtained by purchase from K2NE.

And a message from the author (presumably later than the CitaNews entry):

87Jul19 6:55 am from Vince Quaresima
To: All C64 BBS Sysops (and potential Sysops)
Fr: K2NE Software
Re: Citadel-64
On: 87Jul18

K2NE Software is pleased to announce the impending release of CITADEL-64 into the FREEware domain!

In order to make this a worthwhile project for the C64 BBS Sysops and users, the Citadel-64 system has been specifically "patched" for the Commodore 1670 Modem-1200. In addition, sections of the original code have been re-designed and re-written in order to maximize speed and to support operation at a REAL 1200 bps, unlike most C64 systems, which are closer to an 800bps thruput rate.

For those unfamiliar with Citadel-64, it features most of what you have become accustomed to finding on a Citadel-style bulletin board. Naturally, the hardware restrictions imposed by the C64 environment prevent a "full-blown" implementation, but we feel you will like what we have to offer to you, and certainly, the price is "right".

In keeping with FREEware practice, we are ONLY asking that you send a donation (no more than $15) IF you like it and USE it. Feel free to swap it around to your friends, and to upload it to other bulletin board systems.

In addition, the package will be uploaded to the CBMPRG SIG of CompuServe, where it will be available for downloading using either XMODEM or the CompuServe B Protocol.

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