Author:Hue A. White Jr. (aka Hue Jr.)
Supported:1984 - At least 1996
Derived from:Citadel
Ancestor of:Asgard-86
Citadel by Gremlin


   Having obtained Citadel 2.10 from CUG through SuperComp, and then having helped upgrade it to Citadel 2.40 using, at various times, a H89 and a Z-100, Citadel-86 for MS-DOS 2.xx was developed in order to ... um. Well, in any case, the first version of Citadel-86 went up on the 8088 side of a Z-100 in the Fall of '84, using MS-DOS 2.13.

   As the months passed and as the whims hit the translator, Citadel-86 came closer and closer to being functionally identical to Citadel 2.40, and in January '85 the final downloading stuff was added, thus coming close 'nuff to Citadel 2.40's main programs for the translator. During March and April of '85, the utilities of Citadel 2.40 underwent translation and by mid-April, the last of these utilities had been translated and at least superficially tested, thus completing the Citadel translation process (thank ghod).

   Now all that remains is isolating and killing the final few bugs, some of which the translator is certain are resident in the compiler in use (otherwise he'd have to admit to having made mistakes, lord forbid!).

   Oh, and by the way, the name Citadel-86 was the suggestion of a certain Lord Castleregh, and was selected after a polling process of the first Citadel-86 system (Test System).

                                                Hue, Jr.

   Ha Ha Ha. Here we are, thinking we only have a few more bugs to hit? Silly me, I decided to add in the auto-networking stuff on a whim. WHAT have I created? Whom knows ...

                                                Hue, Jr.

File Size Date
Citadel-86 v3.46 (file lost to bad disk) 972,588 July, 1994
Citadel-86 v3.45 source code 537,354 January, 1994

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