Author:Farokh Irani
Supported:1986 through at least 1996
Language:Symantec C
Derived from:Citadel-86


Since 1-Dec-83, I'd been running a BBS loosely based on the (then) rage, the DYM(Dial Your Match) system. It was better than the original DYM in some ways, and best of all was the price; free :).

However, being that the BBS was written in BASIC (compiled), and not designed to be a "real" BBS, I started to search for a new BBS. I looked into a few, notably RBBS, Fido, and TBBS. However, RBBS, also being in BASIC, left me cold, TBBS costs money (that I didn't have), plus it didn't have source code for me to hack, and Fido was not very user friendly (in my opinion), and once again, no source. So, I was resigned to writing one from scratch when I chanced upon a Citadel-CP/M BBS. There I found out that someone had ported Citadel to an IBM PClone, so I called the Test System, and got a copy of Citadel-86 during the spring of 1986.

I then proceeded to hack away at it, and renamed it to Citadel-286, and then to Citadel-86e, since many people thought that an 80286 was required to run it.

                                                - Farokh Irani

File Size Date
Citadel-86e v2.19 471,003 October, 1995

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