Author:Jeff Prothero (aka Cynbe ru Taren)
Supported:December 1981 through 1982
Language:BDS C
Derived from:The start of it all
Ancestor of:BabeCit


 Citadel was written in mid-December 1981 by CrT.
Miraculously, it ran three days unattended over
New Year's, collecting some remarkably favorable reactions.
During the months that it ran at 633-3282 (ODD-DATA),
Citadel became one of the more popular BBs in town, and
there was some disappointment when a hardware failure forced the system
down in February of 1982.  But in January CrT had published the 
source code in BDS C, putting it in the public domain.

 David Mitchell brought up the next incarnation of the Citadel 
program in April of 1982, running on hardware provided by Richard 
Knox.  Called the Island Communication System, it is located on 
Bainbridge Island in Puget Sound.  ICS has about 30 regular users 
and about 120 log entries.  Newcomers find it easy to learn, and 
often leave messages praising it.  Some of the system's daily 
users are in Boston.

 Citadel is descended from DandD.pas, an adventure game editor/driver.
It is arranged as a series of rooms, starting with the LOBBY.  In each
room the user can read existing messages and leave more. There may be 
up to 128 rooms in the current implementation. The system was brought 
up with only one room, the LOBBY. Additional rooms were created by 
the users, with room names appropriate to the topics covered.

 This is being written (82Dec07) as the Version 2 beta-test goes out.
Version 1 got a friendly reception and had relatively few bugs.  We'll
see if this is a trend or fluctuation...

  Environment:  Citadel has had a checkered past.  It first ran
on a 64K Heath H89 with Magnolia CP/M, Hayes Smartmodem (plus an 
acoustic on another port) and BDS C V1.32.  Further development was 
done under BDS C 1.4x on a TRS-80 with Omikron CP/M, a Teletek FDC-1, 
and a Furgeson Big Board.  At present the ICS implementation runs on 
the FDC-1, while development is done on the Big Board. Version 2 was 
tested on the original H89, now with dual 8" SSDD drives :-) and a 
printer, Magnolia CP/M V2.223 :-( , and BDS C 1.46.

 Starting with the 82Jan posting on Seattle's MailBoard (thanks John!),
various fragments of Version 1 seem to have percolated around the country.
This version 2 release should supercede them and save people the frustration
of trying to make sense out of them.

David Mitchell

Other people involved in early versions of Citadel seem to be Bruce King (aka T'an T'u), who may have ported Citadel 2.0 to run on Unix as Citadel 2.10, and Andy Meyer, who ran Citadel 2.16s on a Sony CP/M machine.

File Size Date
Citadel v2.10 source code 124,270 December 1982

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