Author:Anticlimactic Teleservices, Ltd.
Brent Bottles (aka resident)
Richard Finegold (aka Richard Goldfinder)
Don Kimberlin (aka err head)
Elisabeth Perrin (aka Livia)
Matthew Pfleger (aka The Gremlin)
Supported:October 1994 through present
Win32 (version 66 only; never finished)
Language:Borland C++
Derived from:Gremlin's Citadel
See also:ACit
Citadel (by Gremlin)

Citadel+ is really nothing more than a renamed Gremlin's Citadel. The name Gremlin's Citadel was mostly as a joke, given when Matt Pfleger did not expect it to become such a success. While at least Matt and Brent wanted to rename it simply "Citadel", others objected that it was too generic, and also a bit conceited to claim to be the One True Citadel. Thus, the + was added to make it a bit different. Of course, we later learned that there was already a Citadel Plus. Oh well. Life will always be confusing.

Citadel+ grew to be the most widely used variant of Citadel before the development team lost interest and went different ways. The unfinished version 66 was intended to bridge the gap between dial-up systems and the Internet: it runs on Win32 (such as Windows 95 and 98 and NT) and supports multiple simultaneous users connected through either modems or Telnet. However, it is not complete. It is missing some features, and is only somewhat stable. Brent and Matt still tinker with 66 at times, and might even finish it eventually.

File Size Date
Version 65y2k Source Code 1,413,720 October, 1999
Version 65y2k Auxmem (EMS, XMS, Virtual) for DOS 565,835 October, 1999
Version 65y2k Regular (conventional memory only) for DOS 563,280 October, 1999
Version 65 first release Source Code 1,412,204 October, 1999
Version 65 first release Auxmem (EMS, XMS, Virtual) for DOS 587,802 July, 1995
Version 65 first release Regular (conventional memory only) for DOS 583,901 July, 1995
Version 66 revision 67 source code 1,529,202 October, 2002
Version 66 revision 67 alpha test for Windows 857,448 October, 2002


Version 65 preliminary documentation (Text) 200,462 September, 1999
Version 65 preliminary documentation (Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0) 261,205 September, 1999
Version 65 preliminary documentation (WordPerfect 5.1) 233,531 September, 1999

Support files:

Version 65 Customization Kit 158,407 December, 1995
Version 65 Spell-checker dictionary 477,087 September, 1999

Some script files that you might find useful:

Transfer Net 6.9 packets over the Internet with a dial-up shell account 7,056 January, 1996
On-line user questionnaire 10,381 September, 1999
Use your Citadel to receive faxes, if you have a fax modem 5,063 September, 1999

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