Software:Citadel Plus
Author:?? (aka Corvair)
Derived from:Citadel
   88Mar17 2:55 am from Corvair @ C-86 Test System
George Jetson, I heard something today, or I should say read something, that 
isn't quite true. It concerned Citadel Plus. I'm not sure what it was all 
about, but just so things are a little clearer for everyone. Citadel started 
out on a CP/M operating system and has been ported to many computers since. A 
particular version that I maintained I ported to the C128 computer in the 
CP/M mode. When I finally got that monster of a computer figured out, the 
CP/M was version 3.0, also known as CP/M Plus. The lifespan of the first 
Commodore Citadel version was about a day, before I took the Plus from CP/M 
Plus and added it to my Citadel. At the same time, we were at Citadel version 
2.256 or some such (yes a lot of trial and errors...) and since that was out 
of hand and a major breakthrough had come about, I also started the Citadel 
Plus version as 3.0 to comply also with the 3.0 of CP/M that it was capible 
of running on. Currently it's at 3.14 and I hear is available for download as 
the .COM and .C files on Black Service. 
 What I read was something like it was a Citadel for the C128, which isn't 
quite true. It also maintained compatiblility with the other computers that 
it ran on in CP/M, including the KayPro, Z100, and the Digilog, plus who 
knows what else now. 

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