Author:Art Cancro
Supported:October 1987 through at least 1996
Derived from:None
Ancestor of:Dave's Own Citadel
Daydream Cafe


Art started Citadel/UX in October of 1987, and though it does not contain any code from other Citadels it is very similar to Citadel-86. Art has done a great job creating a UNIX based Citadel that is more than a newsreader. Though you can gate Internet e-mail and newsgroups. This system contains many of the features found in DOS-based Citadels. As with a lot of UNIX software Citadel/UX is freeware and it's been tested on many flavours of UNIX. Art can be reached via Internet email at

File Size Date
Citadel/UX v3.20 source code 202,727 July, 1994

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