Software:Dragon's Citadel (DragCit)
Author:Peter Torkelson (aka The Dragon)
Supported:Late 1980s through early 1990s
Language:Microsoft C and (later) Turbo C
Derived from:Citadel (by Gremlin)
Ancestor of:Elegia
Co-op Citadel
Gremlin's Citadel
Captain's Citadel
Maven's Citadel
See also:Titan

Starting with the Gremlin's code, Peter added many features including networking. For several years, almost all Seattle area Citadels ran this program. When Peter started to release source code, many offshoots were born.

There were two main source releases: 3.11 and 3.12. Most offshoots were derived from 3.11 code. However, Gremlin's Citadel, Captain's Citadel, and Maven's Citadel were derived from 3.12. TurboCit was derived from an earlier version of the source.

File Size Date
Dragon's Citadel v3.11.02 192,445 October, 1990
Dragon's Citadel v3.11.02 source code 180,084 October, 1990

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