Author:Andrew Quinn (aka cerebus)
Language:Borland C
Derived from:Dragon's Citadel

Elegia went through so many permutations over the years that it really should be considered more than one program.

My guess is that Andy just had so much fun playing around with code that he couldn't be bothered to actually make a stable program.

While he didn't really ever finalize any of his code, Andy was quite creative. He had database compression in (and back out) before I ever put it into ACit (and, later, Gremlin's Citadel). And he compressed all files, not just the message base, like I did. I even copied his user-configurable prompt technology code directly into Gremlin's Citadel.

            Tue 28 May 91 0.03.49 From Joo-Sama
  Well of course you took it out right after you implemeted it, it was such a
dumb idea and all.
  I generaly have managed to keep my opinion about your work on this system
to myself. But since you can't manage that yourself I think I would like to
let you know what a peice of shit I think Eliga is.
  It is a unreliable, bug ridden peice of filth.
  And if you don't like these comments perhaps you might learn a little tact
I only wish I could remember what the feature is!

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