Author:Chris Camacho (aka cmc)
Supported:February 1990 - ??
Language:Microsoft C
Derived from:STadel 3.4a-227
Ancestor of:Fortress-ST

In the beginning of 1990, David Parsons (orc) abandoned the STadel project and made sources for the unreleased STadel v3.4a-227 available on BIX (the Byte Information eXchange) so that others could advance the project.

Fortress-PC first compiled after much code-twiddling (to get it to compile) the evening of Saturday, 03Feb90. Fortress-PC first agreed to answer the phone the evening of Sunday, 04Feb90. PCPDIAL was further modified/debugged and UnderMind rejoined the Citadel network running Fortress-PC v0.1a-2 on Monday, 05Feb90. A fledgling new Citadel variant was born.

Objectives of Fortress (for users) are to offer even more variety in what STadel was attempting to get at with the user-configurable interface. All users should be able to configure Fortress to act the way they are most comfortable with. No +alt switches should be necessary to force each and every user to deal with one variation or another. Each should be able to customize the interface in some fashion to their liking.

Objective of Fortress (for the network) are to try to recapture some of the ground lost when STadel and Citadel-86 warring moved their network standards apart. Citadel-86 is a de facto standard, having founded the Citadel network and any feasible addition/standard should be complied with. In addition, Fortress will not abandon the current STadel network variations, but instead will seek to enhance them. Fortress will also implement several Fortress specific inter-Fortress networking commands once Hue, Jr. assigns it a developer code.

In its current infant form, Fortress only runs on the PC or clones using a "fossil" driver. Once the author unfries his Atari ST's hard drive, an immediate re-port of the modified code will begin. The author is also considering the Amiga, Mac, and Unix systems for possible future ports.

File Size Date
Fortress-PC v0.1a 400,739 April, 1990

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