Software:M.O.D.E. (Modem Operated Download Environment)
Author:Shane Johnson (aka Turtle!)
Language:Microsoft C
Derived from:Citadel 1.30 (by Gremlin)
Ancestor of:Citadel II

    91Oct29 From Shane Johnson @ Creative Concepts, Seatac
Ogre... You need to worry about formatting. 
        GremCit 1.30 source was never made 100% public. I obtained rights to it
and created M.O.D.E. BBS which ran STABLEish for about a year and a half on the
Cauldron. I'm definate that that code has passed into oblivion. However,
sections of 1.30 code are in GremCit 3.20a code. Nice touches like message
base/logfile/roomfile/etc Resizing, Faster execution, and others are partially
attributed to 1.30 source. GremCit 3.20a is a compilation of all that's deemed
BEST in Citadel programming by both users and sysops. It pulls together many

    91Oct30 From Shane Johnson @ Creative Concepts, Seatac
 It was to be: 
        Modem Oriented Download Environment... AND a pun on DOS's MODE
command... There were several names of the EXE's... CTDL, MODE, and BBS. 
 It was going to be part of a chain of files... Since Cit already had file
transfer in a way that users wanted... It was going to stay easy. The message
base, rooms, halls, floors (Yes both halls and floors) were all a part of a
larger design program to be implemented later, however for functionallity, the
GremCit message base was kept... And it was 1.30's message base. The console
commands were implemented with ALT menus... Aide was made to work like Sysop,
all Functions were reached thru SYSOP menus (No having to load up the damned
"f" menu from sysop) and there was Debug code added to watch interupts, HASH
checking, and preliminary networking was started (granted, the cron was the
easier part...) Applications were a breez since I already had 200K free... (1
meg Message Base)  All in all, the project wasn't too bad. I gave it up due to
it being too time consuming, Userlog bugs became more apparent, and a Goto bug
was fixed. I tried to maintain compatability to DragCit's in one way or
another... But that was more hassle than it was worth (Politicly). 

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