Miscellanous stuff--what more need be said?

File Size Date
Convert ANSI files to be used in DragCit and its derivatives 6,843 August, 1992
The Maven's front door program 96,907 October, 1995
Really crappy Citadel-86 to Net 6.9 translation program source code 5,689 December, 1995
Use the ever-popular Jive filter in your Citadel 13,222 March, 1994
Some C source for QWK in Asgard 41,107 May, 1994
I don't really know. I guess I ought to get LHArc some time. 106,496 November, 1993
A mostly accurate Citadel family tree 6,835 May, 1996
Various bits of stuff. Be sure to check out the livian conspiracy! 155,184 May, 1996
Some other stupid stuff that was on the disks 1,611 May, 1994

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