Here are some issues of Citanews ("The national newsletter about room-based BBS systems"). I do not know if there are more out there. I have never followed Citanews, and haven't even read these files myself.

news0587.txt11,264May 1987
news0687.txt20,480June 1987
news0787.txt28,672July 1987
news0987.txt33,792September 1987
news0388.txt29,696March 1988
news0488.txt40,960April 1988
news0588.txt7,168May 1988
news0988.txt10,368September 1988
news9108.txt42,350August 1991
news9304.txt48,639April 1993
news9412.txt35,456December 1994

And one issue of CitaHell, which proclaimed itself as "The Underground News Source for Citadel and its variants!" I've never even heard of this one until just now (September 19, 1999). I don't know if there are other issues of this around, and haven't read it, either.

hell1191.txt33,152November 1991

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