Software:The Night Stalker's Citadel (NightCit)
Author:Dan Lieberman (aka The Night Stalker)
Language:Borland C++
Derived from:Gremlin's Citadel
    Thanksgiving Day '91 11:24:14 AM From [Be Careful] The Night Stalker ['s
Gonna Get Ya!] @ Fred's Toy, Bothell
I Started NightCit From GremCit Code.  Which Is From DragCit Code.  Which Is
From CrT's Code, etc...  There Are MANY People Who Are Involoved In The Early
Citadel Development.  So There Are MANY People To Credit.  I'm Just Glad That
There Is Public Domain Code That People Can Work From, Rework, However You Want
To State It.  It's Better For Everybody Not To Flame AOn One Another About
Being "Counter Productive" When All CitSops And Programmers Are Very Productive
In The Token That Sops Find Bugs, And Come Up With Ideas For The Citadel That
Would Make BBS Life Much Simpler And More Fun.  I Also Think That This Is NOT
The Room For Slamming On People.  There Is A Designated Room For That.  Flame
Warz.  And If You Don't Have Access To It Anywhere, Tough Shit.  Just Keep It
All Out Of This Room.  This Room Is For People To Talk About The History Of
Citadel Type Systems. 

    Thanksgiving Day '91 13:15:10 PM From Livia
 Gee, Thanks, Night Stalker. 
 You Know, Nobody Is Ever Going To Take You Seriously Until You Stop Posting
Like This. 

NightCit was nothing more than a poorly hacked version of Gremlins's Citadel/059. He claimed to start with an earlier version and to have independently added many features, but really didn't. We know this because to make his earlier versions look like they really came from a pre-/059 version of Gremlin's Citadel, he just took the new features off the menus: they were still available if you knew the keystrokes. Also, it had at least one bug from /059 that is very unlikely to have been independently written.

File Size Date
NightCit v2.0 212,208 December, 1991

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