Author:David Bonn
Language:Microsoft C
Derived from:Citadel
Ancestor of:Ironhenge
See also:Ciadel by Gremlin

Stonehenge was commercial software sold in the Seattle area in the mid-1980s. It took the basic Citadel architecture and added many new concepts, such as groups and halls. It also had its own networking code.

Matt Pfleger duplicated nearly all of Stonehenge's features (the only exception I can think of is networking) and added many of his own in his free version of Citadel. This, coupled with the rather limited market for such software, worked against its commercial success.

I read an article in one of the computer industry trade magazines (it might have been Info World) some time around 1997 or 1998 which made reference to a David Bonn living in the Seattle area who worked as a Linux consultant.

File Size Date
Stonehenge v1.21 138,207 September, 1985

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