Software:don's advanced room system (dars)
Author:Don Kimberlin (aka err head)
Supported:Late 1980s
Platform:TRS-80 Model 3(?) CP/M (Z-80)
Derived from:None
See also:Citadel+

If you never knew err head, then you'll never understand dars.

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    Sunday 01Apr08 18:15:12 PM From err head
dars is a cit-style room system developed in visual basic in cp/m
 when dragcit was the best cit it was fairly easy to stay competitive with a
compiled basic app on a 64k 8bit machine
 keeping up with gremcit/cit+ was far too difficult so i dropped it
  but a visual basic version with a sql back end sounds like fun
 and a chance to learn how to use the visual studio debugger

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    Sunday 01Apr08 21:10:55 PM From phaedrus

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    Monday 01Apr09 11:13:31 AM From qwffwq

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    Tuesday 01Apr10 10:40:14 AM From waxed
Visual Basic for CP/M? That would ROCK!

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    Tuesday 01Apr10 13:10:17 PM From err head
 i was on crack
 bascom80 for cp/m

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